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8 Tips For Getting Your Emergency Roof Repair Done

Posted on June 10, 2022

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Emergency Roof Repair

Your home’s roof is its primary defense against the outside world. It protects the house from rain, snow, wind, and other elements. But when winter storms roll in, or heavy rains fall, a roof can become compromised. When this happens, you need to get it fixed quickly, or else you could face costly repairs or water damage inside the house.

In such situations, most homeowners do not know what to do and thus panic. To make sure this does not happen, we have created this guide. Read on for some tips for handling emergency roof repair in a challenging situation and making sure a temporary repair does not become a permanent problem:

Signs That You Require Emergency Roof Repair Services

The earlier you notice a problem with your roofing system, the better it is, as early detection can help save you both time and money. However, if you want to detect these issues fast, you should know the following signs:

  • There has been a major storm that has damaged your shingles
  • There are leaks visible in the attic area
  • There’s a crack in the ceiling or walls where water is leaking through
  • There have been ice and snow
Emergency roof repair

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Tips For Effective Roof Repair

After going through the signs, you must know how to take action. Below we have shared some useful tips to follow during tough situations:

Inspect The Roof

If your area has been hit by a strong windstorm or snow, or hail, then it is vital to check the roof immediately after the weather calms down. Often your roof will look fine at first glance, but some issues are visible once you get up close. Check the roofing system along with other roof components, such as gutters, downspouts, etc., for damages.

If there is no leak, but you notice that parts of your home are damp and moldy, there may be a hidden leak somewhere in your house or yard that is causing moisture problems.

Use A Roof Tarp

Tarping your roof is an easy way to provide temporary protection from the elements while you repair or replace your damaged roofing system. This can act as a perfect cover when a professional comes for emergency roof repair.

Tarping can also be used as part of a permanent solution to protect your home’s exterior from damage. There are several types of tarps available for sale at home improvement stores, including plastic and metal ones that come in different weights, lengths, and thicknesses.

Tarping is done by attaching one end of a tarp over each side of the damaged area using nails or screws. Secure the roof tarp tightly so there is no chance of a leak.

Protect Your Belongings

When the area of the leak is considerable, and the water starts damaging the interiors, it is better to make sure that you keep your belongings safe.

In addition to protecting your belongings, you’ll want to consider protecting the inside of your home. There are several ways you can do this.

Cover furniture and other items with tarps, blankets, or plastic sheets to protect them from water damage. If possible, remove these items from the room where the leak occurs (or move them as far away from it as possible). This will also keep them from getting wet if any flooding occurs during or after repairs have been completed. Use fans if there are still damp areas in your home—this will help dry the area.

Try Replacing The Damaged Shingles

If your roof is badly damaged, one of the most important things to do in the emergency roof repair process is to replace the damaged shingles. These are the first line of defense for your roof and, thus, are likely to get damaged during storms and heavy rain. If the shingles get loose or blown away, then these can serve as a perfect area for leaks to come in. This is why these need to be treated as soon as possible.

For the shingles that are cracked, you can repair them by applying a layer of roofing sealant.

If the shingles are loose, fix them by re-nailing them or using roofing cement

To replace the shingles, remove them by using a pry bar, and then install the new shingle

Document The Damage

Nowadays, it has become extremely important to document your roof’s damages before starting the emergency roof repair. This can help you a lot with insurance companies.

Documenting is recording the damage in written or picture form. For this, you need to have your roof’s photos ready before the damage. This will help in comparing the images after the storm.

Take photos of all areas that have been damaged, including areas surrounding your home too. Also, click the pictures of any surrounding structures that may have been affected by water penetration resulting from a leaky roof.

Call Insurance

Now that you have documented the damage, you need to call your insurance company. The documentation will help you in the claims process. Often the damages are so severe that it involves a lot of costs. So if you have insurance, then it can help you pay for the repair or the replacement services.

Contact your provider to know how much you will get a cover for. Tell them about the damage, and they will send out their representative to your home. This will help in determining whether the company will provide full coverage for the repair or replacement or a partial cover.

Make Use Of Roofing Cement/Caulk

Though not recommended for the long term, this tip can work well for stopping a leak temporarily.

Cement or Sealant can help you to fix the leaks immediately. If you are trying to patch your roof and deal with leaks, then you’ll want to use a sealant that is specifically designed for this purpose. These products can be bought at most hardware stores or online. You can use roofing cement to fill the gaps or cracks. Clean the gaps and fill them with the required amount of cement.

Call For A Professional

Now all the tips that we have listed above are fit for the time when you need to act quickly. This can help you so that the damage does not maximize. However, making complete repairs can be difficult for you and can pose a risk as well. This is why you need to call a professional roofing contractor.

Emergency roof repairs are best left to professionals because they have access to tools and equipment that homeowners don’t usually have on hand (like ladders and harnesses). A professional will also know where the best places are in your house or apartment building that would be most likely affected by leaks—and they will use those spots as an opportunity to improve upon their workmanship.

So for fast emergency roofing repair services, contact the team of Clear Cut Xteriors LLC.

Why Choose Us?

When your roof is in bad shape and requires immediate attention, it is important to contact a roofing contractor that is trustworthy and knowledgeable. Here our team promises you both of these things.

Our experts are highly trained and can handle roofs of any kind, no matter how much damage. We are fully licensed and insured, so you do not have to worry about anything.

We provide exceptional emergency roof repair services such as roof storm damage repair and tarping services. We will assist you in documenting the damage too. So, whenever you are in need, contact us at 651-340-3410, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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