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6 Best Ice Dam Prevention Products On The Market

Posted on January 16, 2024

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6 Best Ice Dam Prevention Products On The Market

During the winter time, ice dams can cause serious damage to roofs. They develop due to snow that’s melted from the top of the roof, which causes a blockage that holds water in place as it freezes along the edges. The roof may sustain damage as a result, causing a need for replacement or repairs. 

Luckily, there are some products you can buy to stop the build-up of ice dams and protect your roof. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the top six products for preventing ice dams with a quick overview of each.

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6 Best Products That Prevent Ice Dams

While ice dams can be tough to handle, there are a few great options to prevent them from becoming unmanageable and damaging your home. Picking the right one for you means finding something that fits your needs and your budget. Let’s check out the top six products:

1. Roof Rake

Roof Rake

Using a roof rake is one of the simplest ways to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof, allowing you to clear snow away from the eaves of your roof from a safe distance. By doing this, you prevent the damage caused by ice dams such as excessive weight and water damage. 

When using a roof rake always ensure that you are not standing directly below the eaves of your roof. This way you won’t be in danger when pulling down the ice dams. Also, ensure that you do this carefully, as you do not want to pull your gutters away from the roofline when bringing down ice dams. 

2. Electric De-Icing Cables

The second way to prevent ice dams on your roof is by utilizing de-icing cables, otherwise known as heat cables. They are adaptable and simple to install in a variety of locations, such as along the eaves of your home, or in the gutters. Some versions even protect against overheating by adjusting the heat according to the temperature outside. 

These cables are a great option because they can be customized to meet your needs and come in a range of widths and lengths, making them a popular option for both homes and businesses. They efficiently prevent ice buildup and damage, require little installation effort, and use minimal energy.

3. Ice Belt Panels

Ice dam problems on the edge of your roof can be resolved with metal panels called ice belt panels. Often made from premium, rustproof aluminum, but available in different materials, these panels are installed along the eaves of your roof and work to stop ice dams from forming by expanding as well as contracting in response to temperature changes. 

To increase their efficiency in preventing ice accumulation, some of the panels have horizontal ribbing. In addition to lowering the possibility of ice dams, these panels protect gutters and roofs from potential harm. However, you’ll want a professional to install them, as the starting rows of roofing shingles need to be removed to install the panels. 

4. Ice and Water Shields

In places where ice dams and water are a frequent occurrence, using an ice and water shield on your roof is very important. It provides an additional waterproof layer that protects specific parts of the roof, such as the roof valleys. Its main job is to keep the roof deck safe from water intrusion, especially in the face of ice dams or strong storms. 

It’s usually needed in areas where the roof has a flatter slope, and where it is more likely to encounter water issues. People sometimes call these shields peel-and-stick underlayment because many versions are stuck right to the roof deck. In snowy areas, it’s common to have the ice and water shield installed along the roof’s edges to prevent leaks, even when it’s very windy. 

5. Blown-In Attic Insulation

Blown-In Attic Insulation

Installing blown-in attic insulation is a great way to prevent the formation of ice dams on your roof. Insulation proved a thermal barrier between the heat of your home and the temperature outside. Without it, heat can easily pass through the roofing material, melting the snow on top of the roof and causing ice dams to form. 

Paired with an adequate amount of ventilation, this combination creates an even surface temperature along the roof. This reduces the chance of ice dams forming. As warm air cannot press against the attic and melt the snow on the roof, insulating the attic is a dependable way to prevent ice dams. 

6. Ice Melt Socks

Ice melt socks offer a DIY solution for preventing roof ice dams. To make them, fill discarded stockings with calcium chloride ice melter and tie the ends. Place the socks vertically along the roof’s edge, ensuring one end reaches the gutter, and the other extends up the roof slopes. Calcium chloride is commonly used to salt walkways during the winter as it naturally melts ice. When added to the roof, it prevents the melted ice from refreezing along your eaves, preventing the likelihood of ice dams forming.

While ice melt socks can be a temporary solution, addressing the root cause, like poor attic insulation, is essential for a long-term fix. Still, these socks can effectively prevent ice dams temporarily, protecting your roof 


Preventing ice dams is crucial for protecting your roof and home from water damage. With various ice dam prevention products mentioned above, it’s important to choose one that suits your needs and budget because investing in these solutions ensures the longevity of your roof and a comfortable home during winter. 

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