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8 Reasons to Choose Impact-Resistant Roof Shingles for Your Home

Posted on February 15, 2024

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8 Reasons to Choose Impact-Resistant Roof Shingles for Your Home

Ever thought about how your roof handles the weather? Your home’s roof is its first line of protection from the elements and is exposed to the harshest weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and direct sunlight; so it’s crucial to make sure it is sturdy and long-lasting. 

Installing impact-resistant roofing shingles is an excellent way to do this that is gaining popularity. We’ll discuss the advantages of impact-resistant roofing, including safeguarding the structural integrity of your home, in this blog post.

What Are Impact-Resistant Roofing Shingles?

Impact-resistant roof shingles are made to handle tough weather like strong winds or hail. They’re built to withstand sudden force and are ranked by classes, with Class 4 being the highest rating for roofing materials. They often have a reinforced mesh on the back and are made with special asphalt that’s more flexible, especially in cold weather. 

These shingles can significantly extend the life of a roof in areas prone to hail damage. They protect well against impacts, and keep the home looking good and watertight. They need similar maintenance as regular shingles and can come with additional features such as resistance to strong winds. While they may cost more upfront, they bring extra durability and could lead to lower home insurance costs.

8 Reasons to Choose Impact-Resistant Roof Shingles

Impact-Resistant Roof Shingles

There are many benefits associated with impact-resistant roofing shingles that every homeowner should know of. Some of them are: 

#1. Maintenance

Impact-resistant shingles, engineered with advanced materials, significantly reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. Their capacity to withstand hail and severe weather conditions translates to fewer minor repairs, offering homeowners substantial cost savings over time. 

#2. Insurance Benefits

In addition to maintenance, many insurance providers recognize the diminished risk associated with impact-resistant roofing. Impact-resistant roof shingles can reduce insurance costs for homeowners by 5% to 35%, can raise a home’s value, and help prevent future roof repair costs, but they are typically more expensive than standard shingles. 

#3. Better Aesthetics

Beyond their protective capabilities, impact-resistant roofing shingles offer homeowners a broad spectrum of styles and colors. This extensive variety allows for different aesthetic approaches, ensuring that the roof not only serves a functional purpose but also complements the overall design and architecture of the home. 

The resilience of these shingles against weathering ensures that the chosen aesthetic remains intact over an extended period, contributing to the long-term visual appeal of the property.

#4. Improved Home Protection

The primary objective behind opting for impact-resistant shingles is to fortify the home against adverse weather conditions. These shingles, designed with reinforced materials, exhibit a robust resistance to strong winds and hail, significantly lowering the risk of damage to the roof structure. 

For homeowners residing in areas prone to severe weather events, this translates into heightened confidence and peace of mind regarding their property’s structural integrity.

#5. Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run

While the initial cost of impact-resistant roofing shingles may be a little higher than traditional alternatives, the long-term economic advantages are noteworthy. Class 4 impact-resistant shingles may cost 10% to 25% more than the regular asphalt shingles. 

But, they save money in the long run by reducing maintenance and preventing the chances of a premature roof replacement. The decreased frequency of repairs and replacements leads to considerable savings over the roof’s lifespan. 

Additionally, the potential for insurance discounts, resulting from the lower risk profile associated with impact-resistant roofing, further contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of this roofing solution.

#6. Extended Roof Lifespan

The durability of impact-resistant shingles, when coupled with proper installation and maintenance practices, can significantly extend the lifespan of a roof. 

These shingles, crafted from robust materials, can endure environmental stressors, potentially lasting 30 to 50 years. This extended lifespan not only reduces the need for usual roof replacements but also minimizes the associated financial and environmental costs.

#7. Improved Energy Efficiency

Impact-resistant shingles, beyond their protective attributes, can contribute to enhanced energy efficiency within homes. The advanced materials and construction of these shingles provide superior insulation, reducing heat transfer. 

This lowers the need for heating and cooling, which could lead to potential energy bill savings. Homeowners with these shingles can lessen their carbon footprint and enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

#8. Peace of Mind

Choosing impact-resistant roofing shingles is a strategic decision that goes beyond tangible benefits. It provides homeowners with a profound sense of peace of mind. 

The knowledge that their home is fortified against severe weather conditions and potential damage alleviates concerns related to property maintenance. The long-term durability and reliability of impact-resistant shingles instill confidence in the investment, fostering a sense of security in the integrity of the property.

What Are The Best Impact-Resistant Roofing Shingles?

Now that you know the benefits of these shingles, it’s important to go for the best options available. As trusted by IBHS, you can consider the options mentioned below: 

#1. Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration FLEX®

Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration FLEX®

The Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration FLEX shingle is a durable roofing option designed to withstand severe weather. Part of the TruDefinition Duration® series, these vibrant shingles offer an appealing aesthetic with a limited lifetime warranty, 130 mph wind resistance, and SureNail® technology. 

Made from a special blend of materials for flexibility and durability, they combine Class 4 impact resistance with premium color choices thanks to the advanced color technology. The TruDefinition Duration FLEX shingle is a reliable, long-lasting choice for areas prone to challenging weather.

#2. GAF Timberline® AS II

GAF Timberline® AS II

The GAF Timberline AS II shingles are a popular choice for homeowners seeking an impact-resistant roofing solution. Part of the Timberline series, these shingles come in various colors and styles, providing both durability and protection against severe weather. Notably, they hold a Class 4 impact resistance rating, ensuring resilience against harsh weather conditions. 

Additional features include enhanced wind resistance and a Class A fire rating for increased safety. Crafted with proprietary SBS-modified asphalt, these shingles prioritize durability and come with a 15-year WindProven™ limited wind warranty, making them a reliable choice for homes in regions prone to severe weather.

#3. CertainTeed NorthGate® ClimateFlex®

CertainTeed NorthGate® ClimateFlex®

CertainTeed’s NorthGate ClimateFlex shingles are a durable roofing solution designed for extreme weather and are perfect for homes in challenging climates. With a two-piece laminated fiberglass construction, they withstand winds up to 130 mph, ideal for regions with heavy rains, hail, and strong wind gusts. 

These shingles are proven to safeguard homes from wind-driven rain, algae growth, and impacts, making them a great choice for all-around protection. Plus, CertainTeed’s sustainability commitment includes a circular roofing shingle economy, reducing waste. 

#4. IKO Nordic™

IKO Nordic shingles are a durable and impact-resistant roofing choice designed for superior protection against high winds, severe storms, and hail. Ideal for areas with extreme weather, these shingles feature the ArmourZone® for enhanced protection and curb appeal. Constructed with a multi-layer design, this industry-leading technology prevents water penetration. 

Available in colors like Driftshake and Granite Black, these shingles complement various home exteriors. Made with a resilient fiberglass mat reinforced with polymer-modified asphalt, they offer exceptional flexibility and tear resistance for long-lasting performance. 

How Much Do Impact-Resistant Roof Shingles Cost?

The cost of impact-resistant shingles in Minneapolis varies based on type and quality. Standard asphalt shingles with lower impact resistance cost $1 to $2 per square foot, or around $2,000 for a 2,000-square foot home, for materials alone. Class 4 impact-resistant shingles can be pricier at $7 to $14 per square foot, or around $10,000 for a 2,000-square foot roof. 

Considering long-term benefits like insurance savings and reduced repair needs is crucial when investing in these shingles. In general, the cost of a roof replacement in Minneapolis ranges from $10,000 to $30,000, averaging $18,000 or approximately $5 per square foot.

Considering a Roof Replacement? Trust Clear Cut Xteriors! 

Choosing impact-resistant roof shingles is a smart move for homeowners who want a strong, safe, and cost-effective roofing solution. While the upfront cost might be a bit more, these shingles pay off by giving you a tough roof that can handle different weather conditions. This not only protects your home now, but also adds value to it in the long run. 

For reliable advice and quality installation services, consider Clear Cut Xteriors, a trusted roofing company committed to providing durable roofing solutions for homeowners.

We seamlessly perform cost-effective asphalt shingle installations that cater to different homes. While maintaining a low upfront cost, these installations offer longevity and aesthetic appeal. For questions or quotes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, simply give us a call at (651) 340-3410.

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