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7 Best Mastic Siding Colors Of 2024

Posted on May 19, 2024

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7 Best Mastic Siding Colors Of 2024

The siding color you choose for the exterior of your home can greatly impact its curb appeal and overall aesthetic. Your choice of color should blend harmoniously with the surrounding scenery, highlight the architectural style, and express individual style. Offering a broad selection of colors to accommodate different tastes and fashions, Mastic® by Ply Gem® is a well-known brand in the siding market. 

To give you ideas for your upcoming exterior project, we’ll go over the top seven Mastic siding colors for 2024 in this blog post so you can give your home the makeover it deserves.

Understanding Mastic by Ply Gem Products

A variety of vinyl siding options, tailored to meet different style preferences and withstand a range of weather conditions, are available from Mastic by Ply Gem. The company guarantees that its siding is supposed to last a long time by withstanding heat, sun, hail, high wind speeds, dents, and dings. They also employ cutting-edge technology to offer low-maintenance options and options that give off the look of natural wood.

To help contractors effectively promote their products, they also provide them with marketing tools. Because of its long lifespan, minimal upkeep, and environmentally beneficial qualities, Mastic siding has been a popular option among homeowners for many years. It also includes a limited lifetime warranty, which is supported by Ply Gem’s decades-long experience with home exteriors.

The Top 7 Mastic Siding Color Options Of 2024

Let’s take a closer look at some of the color options found within the Mastic EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding line that homeowners can choose from:

1. White


A classic choice for home exteriors, white siding creates an impression of cleanliness. Because of its bright appearance, a home may appear larger than it actually is, and the color helps in warm climates where reflection is crucial for protection from the heat. It is a practical option, but regular maintenance is needed to keep it looking its best. 

Despite its maintenance requirements, it repels heat well and provides flexibility when experimenting with, and choosing, different trim colors. Overall, it complements various exterior colors and acts as a background that puts a spotlight on your home’s architecture.

2. Harbor Gray

Harbor gray

The cool tone of Harbor Gray siding looks good on both traditional and contemporary home styles. With undertones of blue, this medium gray shade creates a chic yet calming exterior palette. Because of its adaptability, Harbor Gray goes well with black or white trim. 

Its muted color adds visual interest while assisting homes in blending into their natural surroundings. As it requires little upkeep and doesn’t show dirt or fade, Harbor Gray siding is a visually appealing choice for the long term. 

3. Scottish Thistle

Scottish thistle

Inspired by the famous national flower of Scotland, Scottish Thistle is a rich, green siding color. This earthy, saturated hue brings to mind elegance and rural appeal. Scottish Thistle creates a timeless yet unique look when combined with warm wood tones and creamy off-white trim. 

Its light shade is calming to the eyes and contrasts sharply with gray or black accents in modern homes. This classic green tone also highlights a home’s architectural features while blending in perfectly with the landscaping surrounding it.

4. Wicker


The siding color known as Wicker, features a light, neutral beige shade with warm undertones, exuding a relaxed and welcoming ambiance that complements casual architectural styles like craftsman or farmhouse. Its versatility allows it to pair well with a wide range of trim colors, from crisp white to deep brown. As an organic and gentle shade, Wicker seamlessly blends a home’s exterior into its natural surroundings, providing an airy and fresh feel without being overly dark or bright.

5. Brunswick


Brunswick is a striking blue siding color that is rich and deep. With its gray undertones, this bold yet timeless shade adds a look of extravagance to your home. You can even combine it with bright white trim for a sharp, contrasting effect. 

It gives a home a softer, more muted look, you can combine this shade with trim colors that are more subdued, like grays or beiges. Brunswick siding makes a statement regardless of the complementary colors it is used with, conveying ideas of strength, elegance, and fine craftsmanship.

6. Deep Granite

Deep granite

Deep Granite is a dramatic and modern shade of charcoal gray siding. This dark, cool-toned color has an urban, contemporary vibe. The rich depth of this color allows architectural details and textures to stand out more prominently. 

It makes an impactful statement when paired with bright white or contrasting black trim. Or, for a more toned-down look, you can easily pair Deep Granite with warm wood accents. Overall, this low-maintenance color withstands fading exceptionally well over time while providing a sleek, sophisticated presence on any home’s exterior.

7. Desert Sand

Desert sand

This sand-colored siding brings to mind the warmth and sun-kissed feel of sandy beaches. It is a light tan color that offers a rich, subtle warmth. Homes with Mediterranean, Southwest, or coastal design elements will benefit greatly from the warm, carefree look that Desert Sand produces. 

Because of its adaptability, this siding color goes well with other neutral shades like dark browns. In addition to adding visual interest, this low-maintenance earth tone makes a home’s exterior blend in harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

Do Mastic Siding Colors Come With A Warranty?

Ply Gem provides a limited lifetime warranty on Mastic siding colors, offering homeowners peace of mind. This special V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty covers most Mastic products and is available from Mastic Master Contractors, ensuring protection for as long as you own your home. 

Additionally, the warranty is transferable, giving new owners coverage for 50 years from the original installation date if the house is sold. With this warranty you can feel confident in the quality and durability of the products offered by Mastic, and know your home won’t only look great, but will be protected for years to come.  


Your home’s curb appeal greatly depends on the siding color you choose. With Ply Gem’s wide range of Mastic siding colors, you can design a unique exterior that matches the style of your residence and expresses your individuality. The Mastic range provides options for all tastes, from bold and vibrant shades to more subdued earth tones. 

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