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Top Roofing Materials To Withstand the Extreme Weather in Minneapolis

Posted on April 18, 2023

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Top Roofing Materials To Withstand the Extreme Weather in Minneapolis

Living in Minneapolis can be quite charming, with beautiful surroundings. However, it also means dealing with extreme weather conditions, ranging from heavy snowfall to severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and even hail. While these weather patterns are a hallmark of the city, they can take a toll on the structural integrity of your home, especially your roof. Your roof not only provides visual appeal for your house but it’s also the first line of defense against harsh elements.

Therefore, choosing the right roofing material in Minneapolis that can withstand these weather conditions and keep your home safe and secure is essential. If you want to keep your home updated and secure, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the top roofing materials that can help you tackle any storm and protect your home.

Factors To Consider 

When choosing a roofing material for extreme weather in Minneapolis, several factors must be considered to ensure that your roof can withstand harsh weather conditions and protect your home effectively. Some of the critical factors to consider include the following:


As we covered in the introduction itself, Minneapolis faces some of the harshest weather conditions that can really test your roofing system. Therefore, you would naturally want to install a strong and durable material on your roof that can withstand the harsh storms in Minnesota, and the extreme temperature changes. You need a material that can resist damage from these elements and maintain its structural integrity over time. Fortunately, some durable materials are available on the Minnesota market that can improve your home and roofing system. We will cover these materials in the next section of this post.

Energy Efficiency 

Another factor to consider when choosing a roofing material in Minneapolis weather is energy efficiency.

An energy-efficient roof can help regulate the temperature inside your home by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat transfer. This will help reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system, ultimately saving you money on your energy bills. Some roofing materials that are known for their energy efficiency include metal roofs and asphalt shingles. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

The aesthetics of your roof are an essential consideration when choosing a roofing material for your home. Your roof can significantly impact the overall look of your home and enhance its curb appeal. Choosing a roofing material that complements the architectural style of your home can create a cohesive and harmonious design that increases the value of your property.

For example, a traditional or historic-style home might look best with roofing materials like slate or wood shingles. On the other hand, a modern-style home might look best with metal roofing or asphalt shingles in a sleek and minimalist design. Not only is the material important, but the color of your roofing material is also essential and can greatly impact your home’s appearance. 

Maintenance and Repair Requirement

Not only is installing a quality roof important, but proper maintenance is also crucial. Different roofing materials in Minneapolis have separate maintenance and repair requirements. Choosing a material that fits your lifestyle and budget for upkeep is important. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about which roofing material is best for your home in extreme weather conditions in Minneapolis.

Top Roofing Materials In Minneapolis

Now that you know the factors that you need to look for when you decide to replace your roofing material with a new one, it is time to explore the options that are available. Here are some of the most popular roofing materials: 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a widely used and recognized roofing option, regardless of the location or region where you live, and this holds true for Minnesota as well. They are a type of roofing material made from asphalt mixed with other additives such as minerals and other fillers for durability.

These shingles are among the most affordable roofing materials available, and they come in the form of thin strips that are coated with granules to add color. Asphalt shingles are a popular choice due to their affordability and versatility, and they can last for 20-35 years.

To ensure that your roof stays protected, it is important to hire a professional contractor to install premium shingles. While there may be concerns about their durability, luxury shingles now come with several features:

  • Algae resistance
  • Wind and impact resistance
  • Reflective coated granules

Some of the leading shingle brands include IKO, GAF, and CertainTeed. At Clearcut Xteriors LLC, we specialize in installing premium-grade IKO shingles, such as the highly popular IKO Dynasty shingles and Nordic asphalt shingles.

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are by far the most effective roofing option that can help you in Minnesota. Metals are known for their strength and durability, and this is exactly what you will get with a metal roofing system.

Metal panels made from aluminum and steel can easily last for more than 50 years on your roof, while copper roofs have a lifespan of 100 years or more. Metal roofing is highly durable and can withstand heavy snowfall and hail. It is also energy-efficient and reflective, which can help regulate the temperature inside your home.

Here are some of the popular metals used in roofing: 

  • Aluminum 
  • Steel
  • Zinc
  • Copper 

Styles of Metal Roofs

  • Metal panels
  • Metal sheets
  • Metal roofing shingles

Cedar Roofs 

Cedar Roofs 

Cedar roofs are also a viable option in certain regions of Minnesota. Wood shake roofs made of cedar are a popular choice for homeowners seeking natural and traditional roofing options that offer a unique and rustic appearance to their homes. The shakes are made from split logs, which are handcrafted and vary in size, thickness, and texture, giving each roof a distinct and charming look.

Wood shake roofs are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. However, they require frequent maintenance, and you will need to paint and re-stain them from time to time. If you want the wood look but with less maintenance, synthetic shakes are also a consideration.

Clay/Concrete Roof Tiles

Clay/Concrete Roof Tiles

Minnesota is located in the upper Midwest, a region where tile roofs are not very common, but this is gradually changing. Tiles have a modern appearance that can enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Clay and concrete tiles are highly durable and long lasting, with a lifespan of up to 50 years or more. They are also fire-resistant and energy efficient, helping to keep homes cool in hot weather.

How Clear Cut Xteriors LLC Can Help You

Choosing the most suitable roofing material for extreme weather conditions in Minneapolis is essential to ensure your home’s safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. Each roofing material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to consider the factors that we have described above. 

If you have made a decision then the next step is to hire a professional roof installer such as the experienced team of Clear Cut Xteriors LLC. We install all types of high-quality roofs such as asphalt shingles and metal roofs, and we only use materials that are made by leading manufacturers such as IKO and Atlas.                    

Contact us today at (651) 340-3410 to take the first step in improving your home and making it safe enough to withstand the Minnesota weather. 

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