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Top 3 Standing Seam Metal Roof Manufacturers In 2024

Posted on January 15, 2024

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Top 3 Standing Seam Metal Roof Manufacturers In 2024

In the ever-changing world of roofing materials, standing seam metal roofs are getting popular because they have a long lifespan, save energy, and look aesthetically pleasing. In 2024, more and more people are choosing these roofs for their homes. But, remember that picking the right manufacturer is important to make sure your metal roof stays in good condition for decades. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at the best three standing seam metal roof manufacturers in 2024.

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What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof? 

A standing seam metal roof is a kind of metal roof with raised seams that link the panels together. These seams are securely locked and hidden, safeguarding the fasteners from the weather and preventing them from getting damaged. 

Standing seam metal roofs offer several benefits compared to other roofing materials, making them increasingly popular for residential and commercial use. Their key advantages include:

  1. Durability and Weather Resistance: With raised seams preventing water seepage and resistance to extreme weather conditions, standing seam roofs are highly durable and can last for around 50 years. 

  1. Low Maintenance: These roofs require less maintenance, proving to be a cost-effective option in the long run.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Featuring a clean, stylish look with hidden fasteners, standing seam roofs are well-suited for modern residential constructions.

  1. Energy Efficiency: The option to apply reflective coatings enhances energy efficiency, reducing overall energy costs.

  1. Concealed Fasteners: The concealed fastener system not only prevents water seepage but also minimizes the risk of leaks, contributing to the roof’s longevity.

  1. Flexibility and Lightweight: Being lightweight and flexible, standing seam roofs are easier to install and handle during the installation process.

The Best Standing Seam Metal Roof Manufacturers In 2024

Let’s explore the leading standing seam metal roof manufacturers in 2024 that offer durable and reliable roofing solutions:

1. McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal

The first is McElroy Metal, which started in 1963 and has since grown into a major employee-owned company with 14 manufacturing facilities across the country. 

Even as they have grown, the company believes in old-fashioned values and ethics. They stick to the golden rule – treating customers the way they would like to be treated by their suppliers.

Here are some of  McElroy Metal’s panel options for standing seam metal roofs:

> Maxima: 

There are three profiles of this panel to choose from: Maxima, Maxima 1.5, and Maxima ADV. These are a good choice for coastal homes where durability and wind-resistance matter.

> Medallion-Lok: 

This option has a classic look, making homes more appealing. These panels are best for larger, custom homes, and can be used for roofs or exterior siding.

> Meridian: 

Meridian is a snap-together standing seam roof panel that looks good, is affordable, and is easy to install. You don’t need clips, just attach it to the roof deck with the appropriate fasteners.

> 138T & 238T: 

These are symmetrical standing seam systems, which make it easy to replace individual panels if they get damaged. The 138T panel is used in McElroy Metal’s Shingle Recover System, a cost-effective way to update an existing shingle roof.

> Medallion I/Medallion II: 

These are older models with separate batten caps that are installed over the neighboring panels. They are better suited for commercial applications. Newer models like Meridian or Medallion-Lok offer better weather-resistance and overall performance.

> Instaloc: 

A snap-together standing seam system with 1-inch seams and concealed fasteners. It’s a good option for residential applications.

McElroy Metal has a focus on delivering top-notch products and great service, which has helped them become a leading manufacturer in the industry. Their standing seam systems, made from strong materials like steel or aluminum, need very little maintenance and are preferred for many construction projects.

2. Western States Metal Roofing 

Western States Metal Roofing is family-owned and independent company and a leading provider and manufacturer of metal roofing accessories, metal roofing supplies, and metal wall panel systems. Originally established as Western States Decking, Inc. in 1996, a distributor of Verco metal products, the company evolved into Western States Metal Roofing after acquiring its own manufacturing equipment. 

The company offers three types of concealed fastener standing seam metal roofing panels:

> MS2® Mechanically Seamed:

MS2® Mechanically Seamed is a standing seam metal roofing style renowned for its exceptional weather-tightness, making it an ideal choice for very low sloped roofs with pitches as low as ½-inch. With either double or single lock options and a 2-inch seam height, it can be an expensive option due to its complex installation, typically not recommended for DIY roofers. 

> Western Lock® Standing Seam:

The next option, Western Lock® Standing Seam, offers a well-rounded solution considering performance, cost, and ease of installation. With a 1 ¾-inch seam height, and snap lock with concealed fasteners and clips, it is a popular choice. It embodies the gold standard of metal roofing panels, providing weather-tightness, durability, and longevity with minimal maintenance. 

> Western Seam® Nail Strip:

Western Seam® Nail Strip uses a snap lock system with screws instead of clips. Featuring a 1-inch or 1 ½-inch seam height, this option is great in terms of affordability and easier installation. The nail strip or nail flange system, with 1-inch slots spaced 6-inches apart and directly fastened to the roof deck, is the most economical among standing seam systems. 

Western States Metal Roofing standing seam metal roofs are lightweight, last up to 60 years, and hide the fasteners to protect them from the weather. If you want a unique look, they have many colors and finishes to choose from. Installing these roofs is easy, and some panels even snap together for a quicker setup. 

3. Petersen Aluminum Corporation (PAC) 

Petersen Aluminum Corporation (PAC)

The last manufacturer on our list is Petersen Aluminum Corporation (PAC) which started in 1965 as a service center for the architectural metal industry. Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, near Chicago, PAC also has production facilities in Maryland, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia, with a sales office in Minnesota. 

Being a top manufacturer, PAC has multiple standing seam metal roofing options:

> Snap-Clad:

Snap-Clad comes in steel and aluminum with panel lengths from 4 to 64-feet. It’s strong, handles wind well, and has a clip system that adjusts to temperature changes. You can add a weather sealant, and it comes in different colors.

> Tite-Loc/Tite-Loc Plus:

Tite-Loc and Tite-Loc Plus are metal roofing panels that work for various types of roof designs. The panels come in different lengths and can be bent if needed. This option is recommended for low sloped roofs. 

> Snap-On Standing Seam:

The Snap-On panels are simple and easy to install. They can be curved to fit rounded surfaces and are designed to be used for transitional roofs. 

> Redi-Roof Standing Seam:

Redi-Roof panels are made for pitched roofs. They come in panels that are between 4 and 45-feet long. These larger sizes make installation easier and faster. 

> PAC T-250:

PAC T-250 panels are available in even longer lengths of 54-feet and feature a continuous interlocking system. They can be used for both flat and pitched roofs in either the residential or commercial industries. 

PAC focuses on providing high-quality products with reliable lead times, thanks to their strong national sales network, which allows for large inventories and cost savings for customers. With technical assistance available, Petersen aims to assist home and business owners with material and finish selection and budgeting, catering to a wide range of applications.

How Much Does a Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost in 2024?

In 2024, the cost of a standing seam metal roof can vary, though it usually costs between $10 and $35 per square foot, or $1,000 and $3,500 per roofing square. Total expenses in Minneapolis could vary from $7,500 to $41,000 based on the size of the roof and the particular kind of roof system that is installed. 

These several elements influence the price of a standing seam metal roof in Minneapolis, creating a wide variety of costs, including the size of the roof and the type of metal that is used. For example, the average cost of a steel standing seam metal roof is $3 to $4.50 per square foot compared to aluminum which is more expensive at $9 to $20 per square foot. 

How To Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roof installation is a meticulous process that demands expertise and specialized tools. Below we have mentioned the general steps involved in this intricate installation:

1. Tear Off Old Roofing Materials:

Start by removing any existing roofing materials and thoroughly inspecting the roof deck for damage or rot before proceeding.

2. Install Lock Strips and Drip Edge:

Add lock strips and drip edges along the eaves and gable ends of the roof. This step is crucial for securing the edges and preventing water infiltration.

3. Put Down Underlayment:

Apply the underlayment over the roof deck. This additional layer provides protection against water infiltration and enhances the roof’s longevity.

4. Install the Standing Seam Metal Panels:

Begin installing the standing seam metal panels from the eaves to the ridge. Start at one end of the roof and systematically work across. Follow the manufacturer instructions for panel interlocking and fastening methods.

5. Install Flashing:

Ensure a watertight seal by installing flashing around vents and other roof penetrations. Proper flashing is essential for preventing water leaks and maintaining the roof’s integrity.

Important Considerations:

  • Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always adhere to the specific instructions provided by the standing seam metal roof manufacturer.
  • Professional Expertise: Due to the complexity of the installation process, it is highly recommended to hire a professional roofing contractor with experience in installing standing seam metal roofs.


As you decide on a standing seam metal roof for your project in 2024, check out the offerings from top manufacturers like the ones we have mentioned above. Research their options and make a well-informed choice for a durable roofing solution. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturers directly or consult with roofing professionals, like those at Clear Cut Xteriors, for personalized advice tailored to your specific needs. Your investment in the right standing seam metal roof, coupled with a skilled roofing contractor, will undoubtedly bring lasting benefits for years to come.

Want To Install A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

When selecting a new roof in Minneapolis, factors like weather, energy efficiency, and cost are crucial considerations. For a durable and long-lasting roof installation, trust the expertise of Clear Cut Xteriors. Our licensed contractors specialize in installing standing seam metal roofs. 

We ensure your new roof is not only resilient but also energy-efficient. Beyond roofs, we also offer comprehensive exterior services to fortify your entire home against the elements. If you’re in Minneapolis or nearby areas in Minnesota, call us today at (651) 340-3410 for a free estimate on your roofing project.

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