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Standing Seam vs. Corrugated Metal Roofs: A Comparative Guide

Posted on March 20, 2024

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standing seam vs corrugated metal roof

Selecting the ideal roofing material for your residence demands careful consideration. The roof serves not only as a functional aspect of your home, but also as a vital aesthetic feature, impacting the overall look and value of your home. Standing seam and corrugated metal roofs have emerged as popular choices due to their resilience, lasting quality, and visual allure. 

In this detailed blog post, we will explore the distinctions between standing seam vs. corrugated metal roofs, empowering you to make a well-informed decision for your home.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs    

Standing seam metal roofs  

Standing seam metal roofing systems consist of raised interlocking seams connecting the panels together, hence the name of this roofing system. These seams elevate above the panel level, creating a contemporary and sleek aesthetic appeal adaptable to diverse architectural designs. 

Usually made from robust materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc, these roofs are coated with protective layers of finish, strengthening their resilience against weather elements. Renowned for their extended lifespan, remarkable durability, and resilience to harsh weather, standing seam metal roofs are a popular choice among roofing systems on the market today.


  1. Superior Weather Resistance: Raised seams create a robust barrier against water, ideal for areas with heavy rainfall or snow.
  2. Longevity with Minimal Maintenance: Requires little upkeep over its lifespan, making it a cost-effective investment.
  3. Resistant to Fire, Mildew, Insects, and Rot: A durable construction protects against various threats, extending its lifespan.
  4. Custom Options: Available in diverse colors and finishes to match architectural preferences.
  5. Potential for Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Offers better insulation, potentially reducing energy consumption and costs.
  6. Boosts Curb Appeal and Resale Value: Enhances the aesthetics of a property, and its overall value on the real estate market.


  1. Higher Initial Cost: Installation expense is typically higher compared to traditional materials.
  2. Complex Installation Process: Requires skilled labor, potentially increasing costs and complicating installation.
  3. Risk of Rust on Exposed Fasteners: Exposed fasteners may rust over time, requiring maintenance to prevent deterioration.

Corrugated Metal Roofs

Corrugated metal roofs

One sturdy and well-liked type of metal roof is corrugated metal. Fabricated by forming waves in metal sheets, it can be utilized for a variety of buildings, including homes, factories, farms, and retail establishments, all at a reasonable price. Its gleaming steel appearance also gives it a timeless look. 

It’s also easy to install on low-slope roofs because of its lightweight. They work effectively to reflect sunlight and keep buildings cool. However, if they aren’t routinely checked, the nails that are holding them in place occasionally cause leaks. However, corrugated metal roofs are a dependable option that last for a long time, even with this drawback.


  1. Cost-Effective: Corrugated metal roofs are cheaper than alternatives like standing seam metal roofs.
  2. Energy-Saving: Can be coated to reflect heat, cutting cooling costs and boosting energy efficiency.
  3. Durable and Affordable: Provides durability and affordability comparable to other metal roofing types.
  4. Variety of Colors: Comes in different sizes, patterns, thicknesses, and colors for customizable aesthetics.


  1. Leak Risk: Exposed fasteners and seams may degrade over time, potentially causing leaks.
  2. Shorter Lifespan: Needs more maintenance and doesn’t last as long as a standing seam metal roof.
  3. Aesthetic Concerns: Visible screws may be less visually appealing than concealed fastening systems.
  4. Noise: Can be louder during rain or hail storms compared to other roofing materials.
  5. Maintenance Needs: More frequent inspections and upkeep are required due to exposed fasteners.

Comparing The Cost Of Standing Seam vs. Corrugated Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs are very popular in Minneapolis, and they usually cost between $8 and $14 per square foot, including the cost of installation. Standing seam metal roofs are famous for their durability, and appearance. Their superior quality, resistance to weather, and visual appeal make them worth the higher price tag. 

On the other hand, corrugated metal roofs, with installation costs that vary depending on complexity, offer comparable durability at a more reasonable price range of $4 to $11 per square foot for materials, not including the cost of labor. 

Corrugated vs. Standing Seam Metal Roofs: A Side-by-Side Comparison

AspectStanding Seam Metal RoofsCorrugated Metal Roofs
Material ThicknessThicker material, providing enhanced durability and longevity.Thinner material, compared to standing seam, may be less durable in certain conditions.
Fastening   SystemConcealed fasteners offer a sleek and modern look with no exposed screws or nails.Exposed fasteners, which may require regular inspections for maintenance and potential leak prevention.
PerformanceSuperior performance in terms of weather resistance, longevity, and overall durability.Effective at reflecting sunlight and heat, it is durable and long-lasting compared to traditional asphalt roofs.
AestheticsModern and sleek appearance due to concealed fasteners, providing a clean and sophisticated look.Custom colors, but the corrugated pattern may not be as visually appealing as the look of a standing seam roof.
CostGenerally more expensive upfront due to the premium quality and design features.Lower cost option compared to standing seam, making it a budget-friendly choice for various applications.
MaintenanceRequires minimal maintenance over time, with periodic inspections for optimal performance.Regular inspections are needed to ensure fasteners are intact and prevent potential leaks over the years.

Final Verdict: Corrugated Metal Roofs vs. Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofing stands out as a superior choice over corrugated metal roofing for several compelling reasons. First, its concealed fastener system minimizes the risk of leaks, ensuring superior waterproofing compared to corrugated roofs. Additionally, standing seam roofs boast a sleek and modern design, making them the preferred option for upscale projects. The hidden fasteners protect against wear from elements like moisture, wind, and UV rays, enhancing their durability over time. Moreover, their thicker panels provide enhanced resistance to severe weather conditions, reducing the likelihood of bending in high winds. Despite potentially higher upfront costs, standing seam roofs offer significant long-term savings due to their durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

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Can Either Type Be Installed As A DIY Project, Or Is Professional Installation Recommended?

While it’s technically possible to install both standing seam and corrugated metal roofs as DIY projects, professional installation is recommended given the complexity of the process, safety concerns associated with working at heights and handling heavy materials, warranty considerations, adherence to building codes, and the assurance of a quality installation. Professional roofing contractors possess the expertise, tools, and knowledge of local regulations necessary to ensure the roof is installed correctly, minimizing the risk of future issues and maximizing its longevity and performance.

Install A Durable Metal Roof On Your Minneapolis Home

Both standing seam and corrugated metal roofs present distinctive benefits and factors to consider. By gaining a thorough understanding of the differences between these roofing options and meticulously assessing your individual requirements and desires, you can confidently select a roofing solution that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal, durability, and worth of your residence, but also meets your specific needs. 

For expert guidance and the best roofing services tailored to your preferences, consider partnering with Clear Cut Exteriors. With our proven track record of commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch results that improve the beauty and longevity of your home’s roofing system. Give us a call today at (651) 340-3410 to learn more about how we can help you!

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